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Do You Want Kim Kardashian’s Provocative Form? Choose “Body Jet” Water-Jet Liposuction

Since Winter 2014, the world has been going completely wild over a certain backside

With 27 million followers on Instagram, 25 million friends on Facebook, a $40 million net worth, Kimberly Noel Kardashian (born on October 20, 1980 in Los Angeles) knows what it’s like to break the Internet just like what the now famous Paper cover suggested

Kim Kardashian — Actress, Model, Socialite, Mother of Two.

Much like Jean-Paul Goude for the issue of Paper and Steven Klein for Prada, photographers are lining up to capture Ms. Kardashian’s stunning form

Ким Кардашьян фото   Ким Кардашьян фото 2015

Besides, countless men wish they could take Kanye West’s place as Kardashian’s husband.

Expert Commentary:

Рагимов Салим«As we know from the words of her close friends, Kim takes great care and attention towards her body and particularly her buttocks.

Personally, I feel that her buttocks is amazing. Undoubtedly, her narrow waist is without a trace of fat, her round buttocks is without a trace of cellulite, and all of this is utterly beautiful.

Do you also pay attention to how you look from the rear? Have you ever thought about how that pesky love handle fat might look if it were just somewhere else on your body?

Well, your prayers have been answered!

Now, with the fat obtained by liposuction, the surgeon can take it and put it to good use. For example, the surgeon can use it to create a beautiful waist line, buttocks and high, round and appetizing «fifth point».

Permanent lip augmentation is a possibility, along with hiding sunken eye sockets, refreshing cheekbones and making them more expressive. The surgeon can even augment the size of the breasts.

Something new for this season is the water lipomodelling Body Jet! With its help, we can create a delicate waist while simultaneously lipofilling the buttocks, chest or face. he recovery period is short and it’s ideal if you’re getting ready to get to the beach!

The new second generation Body Jet is a device that not only removes the fat with the help of water, but at the same time «washes» the fatty tissue in a sterile container. This allows the surgeon to use the body fat for lipofilling without any lengthy preparation».

Dr. Salim Ragimov, Plastic Surgeon

липосакция Боди Джет отзывы   водоструйная липосакция цена

Benefits of Body Jet Liposuction:

липосакция аппаратом боди джет

  • The operation time literally last only up to 2 hours!
  • Liposuction with the Body Jet machine is much less traumatic.
  • It’s performed under local anesthesia and does not require general anesthesia.
  • The short length of time for the procedure and its minimal damage significantly reduce the time needed for rehabilitation.
  • Body Jet Liposuction provides a beautiful uniformity of liposuction on the abdomen with no lumps or markings.

But that's not all! This method allows us to not only get rid of excess fat. In one procedure, it can provide you with the desired shape of your hips and buttocks, increase the volume of your lips, allow facial lipofilling or add natural volume to the breasts.

Do You Want A High, Smooth, “Brazilian” Style Behind Without Any Trace of Cellulite?

  • The surgeon performs the job of modeling the body in a single operation (Liposuction + Lipofilling).
  • There is no need for buttocks implants.
  • This delicate work with the fat does not require any intermediary steps and reduces the subsequent resorption greatly.
  • The use of BodyJet eliminates the need for a number of procedures, so, there is only one rehabilitation period!
  • According to information from the latest scientific conferences, one’s own fat alone cannot give the buttocks its seductive shape. It turns out that a small amount of fat contains stem cells. It smoothes and tightens the skin, allowing you to cope with cellulite and get a rounded, smooth buttocks without that "lemon peel " feel! 
  • Patients from out-of-town are provided with 24 hour monitoring with the help of the Platinental app.
как убрать целлюлит   водоструйная липосакция отзывы

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The price of a procedure depends on the volume of the liposuction and lipomodelling.

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